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*Introducing team member #1: Miriam Linkeschova

Some basic info:

Name:  Miriam Linkeschova

Nickname:  Mimi

Occupation:  Student:  Just graduated from high school; planning to begin university in the fall.

Hometown:  Košice, Slovakia

And now some questions just for fun:

1.  You have 5 Euros you have to spend at TESCO right now… What do you buy?  Why?

Dr. Pepper, Milka chocolate (strawberry flavor), and a pair of socks:  The first two because I love them and they’re delicious, the last one because my feet are cold!

2.  Can you recommend a good book?

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller or Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  Also, I’m currently reading Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller.  Recommendation coming later…

3.  Put your iPod on shuffle and press play.  What are the first three songs that play?  Any special meaning?

Broken Strings by James Morrison, Acoustic version:  I like his voice.

Distance in Time by Alicia Keys: I’ve never heard this song before.

Lachlom by Yael Naim:  I like her style; I used to listen to it while falling asleep.

4.  What are you most excited about for this summer?

I’m excited to see what God has in store for us.  I’m excited about being part of something bigger, to see the big picture, and to be part of a movement in which young people decide to follow Christ.  I’m also excited to see how I’ve changed at the end of the summer and how my character has developed.

5.  What is one benefit you received from attending KECY in the past?

I met so many people there and I think most of my closest friends right now are people I met through KECY, both Americans and Slovaks.

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