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*Silent Auction

In order to reduce the amount of stuff I have to ship across the country from Seattle to North Carolina, to raise a little bit more financial support for my trip, and just to have fun with my friends before I leave, last night I hosted a Silent Auction of some of my stuff.  (Mostly clothes and scarves that I’ve accumulated over time and don’t wear often anymore).  It was really fun to watch my friends trying on clothes and getting excited about things I own but never use.  I got rid of a lot of things, and by the end of the night I had raised over $600!

Jessica came over early to help me set up.

Half of my "boutique."

Beautiful "cheese and cracker presentation." - Thanks Jess!

My roommate Jessica going to try on some clothes.

Rachel, Julie, and Jess doing some shopping.

*The Great Debate

As I sit here writing this, a debate is occuring in my kitchen.  The cause of the debate: Jiedson.  The debaters: Andrea* and Steven.  The subject of the debate: Who should clean up the poop that Jied left in the U-Haul!

Okay, to be fair to Jied (and so he doesn’t kill me upon reading this… although he probably won’t read it anyway)  it’s not actually his poop.  Steven and Jied were helping Andrea move her things into her new studio apartment.  While moving, Jied unfortunately stepped in a pile of doggie doo and tracked it in to the U-Haul.  How Jied managed to get out of cleaning the truck himself, I don’t know, but I’m going to have to ask him for his technique.

I also don’t know exactly how or why Steven and Andrea’s debate ended up in our kitchen, as Jessica and I were innocently eating lunch when Andrea and Steven pulled up in our driveway in the sullied U-Haul.

Andrea asserted that she wouldn’t mind cleaning it herself, if it hadn’t been so ‘soft!’

Steven didn’t want to clean it either, and you can’t really blame him, as he neither stepped in the poop and was only around the incident because he had agreed to help Andrea move.

So, who ended up actually cleaning the mess?

Andrea?  Steven?

Perhaps Jied himself?

No!  Hiro!

Just as Steven and Andrea stepped outside to clean the poop, who should arrive but Jied and Hiro!

When Hiro saw what was happening, he said to Steven and Andrea, “This is just so easy, why are you guys struggling to pick it up?” and then he quickly and completely cleaned the truck.

Once again, Hiro saved the day!

*Andrea’s  name was changed per her request.  All other names were kept the same.

*A few words about December.

I had a very relaxing December this year.  The quarter ended at NSCC on December 3rd, and the 4th was my last day as a full teacher at Kaplan.  (Now I’m just a substitute).  I spent my time catching up on sleep from the chaos of fall quarter, reading, and cooking (believe it or not).  I went to NC on the 17th and spent a great week there visiting family and friends.

After Christmas I spent a few days with my brother in Atlanta, stopping in SC for lunch with some of my best friends.  Congratulations to Chasity and Nic on their engagement; Michelle and I will be Co-Maids of Honor, along with our friend Janelle!

I came back to Seattle in time for New Year’s and celebrated at Mark and Heather’s.  We rang in the New Year with a champagne toast on their balcony while watching the fireworks over the Space Needle, and then had an impromptu dance party until almost 2 in the morning!  The party continued for a few of us with a sleepover at Christina and Jess’s after that.

A month without work and full of celebrating with family and friends on both coasts?  It doesn’t get much better than that!

*Blogging, blogging!

Ah, so it seems like everyone is blogging these days… except me!

Several of my friends update their blogs much more often than I do.  Here are some of my favorites:

That being said, New Year’s Resolution #1: Blog more frequently.  Hopefully I’ll update more regularly, at least for a while!

*Melissa Visits Seattle.

It was great to visit with an old friend and play tour guide around Seattle again. (Mom, Dad, by the time yall get here, I’ll be an expert)!

At the top of the Space Needle.

At the top of the Space Needle.

* * *

With one of the fish throwers at Pike Place.

With one of the fish throwers at Pike Place.

* * *

Inside the original Starbuck's.

Inside the original Starbuck's.

* * *

The Space Needle.

The Space Needle.