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“Official” is a Very Relative Term.

Just two weeks ago I posted that I am definitely, matter-of-fact, without a doubt moving to Boston. Two weeks later (i.e., this past Thursday) I applied to graduate school in Seattle.

I can’t help it; with so many different interests and opportunities, I’m having a hard time deciding on just one. I promise though, once I do definitely settle into an idea and get started down a path, I will stick with it!

I applied for a MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). Although a master’s is not needed to teach English in all parts of the world (in many places a simple certificate will do), it is a huge help in finding jobs and definitely increases the benefits you receive as a teacher (e.g., lodging, transportation, food allowance, insurance, etc). Additionally, although there are many places around the world I hope to experience as a resident and not a tourist, I do plan on returning to the States at some point. With a master’s degree in TESOL I will be qualified to teach international students studying English at American universities, which is something I would love to do.

This may seem to you to have come out of nowhere, but teaching English is actually something I have been interested in for several years now. I have many interests, but almost all of them are related to communication. I love reading and writing, learning foreign languages, and communicating visually through photography and design. I don’t want to make too many plans surrounding a graduate program that I have not yet been accepted too, but if I do end up going to SPU, I can see it becoming great preparation for a career that will allow me to make great friendships with students all over the world through teaching English, to learn new languages depending on where I am living, to improve my travel photography skills, and maybe even, eventually, to write a book about my experiences!

I should hear back from SPU within the next three weeks- I’ll be sure to update you on my plans once I know what they are myself!

It’s Official.

“She said I think I’ll go to Boston…” -Augustana

After months of much prayer, discussion, and debate, I’ve finally made a final decision for life after college (which happens to begin today): Come September, I’m moving to Boston to pursue the M.A. in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College, a school dedicated to communication and the arts.

I decided that since I knew I wanted to go to grad school at some point and since I had already applied and been accepted into the program at the school I wanted to go to, it just made sense and was good timing to go ahead and go now. This means I won’t be moving abroad immediately (which would have been the case had I decided to pursue the Journeyman Program), but I don’t anticipate opportunities to live and work abroad to decrease any time soon!

Graduation is this afternoon, next week I’ll move in with Chasity, and then in mid-July I’ll travel to Slovakia for this year’s mission trip with Shandon. After the mission trip I’ll actually stay in Slovakia for a few more weeks. Carla and Chasity are going to fly over from the US and we’ll travel a little bit and then help with Camp Fest, a Christian concert festival in Slovakia. I’ll fly back to the US in mid-August, and then get ready to move to Boston!

I’ve never actually been to Boston, but the idea of moving to a new city where I don’t know a lot of people excites me. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people, finding my way around the city, and learning a lot about the book and magazine industries!

*Thanks to flickr members miguelão, Shutterscript, and Christopher Chan for the pictures of Boston.


My first attempt at using Dreamweaver to design a website is up and running! (Well, the video on the ‘multimedia’ page may or may not be working when you’re reading this). Anyway, check it out at or by clicking the “My Portfolio” link in the sidebar to the right!