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*September was quite a month!

Once again, a month has gone by without a single blog post.  However, this time there was a good reason- and more than one!

I am pretty much settled into my new apartment (housewarming party this weekend, yay)!  Jessica and I are having a lot of fun as roommates, and I’m enjoying “rediscovering” Seattle again, as I join her in trying new places.  (Cupcake Royale, which is only a few blocks from our apartment, has become a personal favorite)!


However, although the new apartment is great, we’ve had quite a bit of trouble getting our Internet set up.  In fact, someone came to our apartment for the third time today, and the result is the same: still no Internet.  For this reason, I haven’t had many chances to blog.

I’ve also been busy with lots of good things; in the past two weeks I’ve started dating one of my most favorite people, Fredy, (=D) and started teaching two classes at a local community college, in addition to still teaching at Kaplan and doing Microsoft tutoring!

Fredy is a really cool guy; I met him about a year or so ago through my friend Jied and we go to the same church.  We’ve been friends for a while so dating him now is fun.  Teaching at the community college level is something completely new for me and presents some new challenges, but the first couple of days have been good.

While I think October is going to be another busy month, I think it’s going to be a nice one!  Hopefully I’ll find a little more time to update this… if not, I’m sure you’ll hear from me in November!