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Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic!

Hello from Vienna! It’s hard to believe that I’ve already spent two weeks in Slovakia and left. The Shandon group flew out of Vienna early yesterday morning and I took a train to Linz, Austria to meet Carla. We’ve been together since yesterday afternoon and spent today relaxing in Vienna. Tomorrow morning we’ll hop on a train and head to Budapest.

Camp in Slovakia this year was great, other than one small “detail”: a virus was going around Slovakia and Czech, and it hit our camp hard. At least half of the people there felt bad at one time or another; I was sick for about four days, spending half of each day in bed and the other half convincing myself that I felt well enough to hang out. (And I normally did feel fine by bed time, only to wake up the next morning feeling worse than I had the day before)!

I don’t have a whole lot of time to write about camp now, but hopefully I will be able to write more soon. I’ll leave you with some pictures from camp and Vienna:

Team Building in Zilina.

Students relaxing at KECY.

The girls on my sports team.

My English group.

Lenka and I got to know each other well while we were lying sick in beds across from each other.
Toni can’t jump 😉

Me and Baka at Aupark in Bratislava after camp.

St. Stephens in Vienna.


Electronic Polaroids in Quartiere 21 in the Museum Quartiere in Vienna.

These kept us entertained for a while!
…and walking down the street with a beer just because I could 0:)

Leaving, on a jet plane…

I’m leaving in the morning for Slovakia. Our group got together tonight for dinner and to go over last minute details; I think everyone is excited, and I’m definitely excited for all of them to experience Slovakia. I won’t have much internet access again until after the 28th, but I’ll try to post some pictures after that.

I’m so excited I can’t sleep. (Seriously).

So I’m raiding the refrigerator instead- cheese and peanut butter, the midnight snack of champions…

Anyway, it took me a really, really long time to decide what I was going to do with myself after college, but now that I finally have a plan I don’t think it could be any better! Even after I decided to go to grad school in Seattle I still had lots of details to figure out, but it seems like everything is finally starting to come together.

I’m working a double at Longhorn tomorrow, but after that the excitement begins (and doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon)! Kary, one of my best friends and former roommates, is coming into town Saturday night to hang out. Early Saturday morning I’m heading to Atlanta to spend the day with my brother and his good friend Heather going to a wine tasting and then a wedding in the Georgia mountains. I’ll come back to Columbia early Sunday morning in time to go to what could very well be my last Sunday at my wonderful church here in Columbia and then I’ll be spending the afternoon boating and swimming at the lake with friends from church.

Then I’ll have one more week working at Longhorn and making final preparations for Slovakia. I leave next Sunday for two weeks in Slovakia and then about ten days traveling through Germany, (maybe Switzerland?), and Italy with two of my best friends from USC, Carla and Chasity. When Carla has to leave to come back for a wedding, Chas and I will go back to Slovakia to spend some time visiting our friends in Lucenec, Zilina, and Bratislava.

I’ll fly back into Columbia in mid-August for just a few days to pack up and say goodbye to my friends here. I’ll head home (making a stop in Wilmington to visit Melissa, one of my best friends from high school), and get ready for the move to Seattle. Still not sure if I’m flying or driving or exactly what date I’ll be getting there, but by the end of August I should be settled in and starting my new job as a nanny. Then I’ll have just a few weeks before classes start again and I’ll officially be a grad student!

It’s a lot of traveling and moving around for two months time, but I’m looking forward to it… and you can look forward to lots of stories and pictures that come with all the traveling!

Happy 4th of July!

No Mid-Week ‘Fave Five’ this week; it’s a holiday so I’m taking a break. I’m a little disappointed that this is my first 4th of July that I’m actually in the United States for since the summer after freshman year of college, and I’m celebrating it by standing at the door at Longhorn from 4 to 10. Oh well, I guess someone has to work, and I should still be able to go see the fireworks once I get off!


I deleted my credit card info from my iTunes accounts so I’d stop spending so much money on music. ($0.99 adds up fast)! Anyway, the last song I bought was on June 1 and I haven’t downloaded any new music since then, and I am ready for some! I told myself I would wait until it was time to go to Slovakia before I put my info back in, and then I’d buy an album (or an album’s worth of songs).

Two weeks before I deleted my payment info my car stereo was stolen so I haven’t had the radio for over six weeks now. I’m leaving for Slovakia in less than two weeks so I’m thinking about what music I’m going to buy for the trip, and I’m looking for suggestions. Leave a comment if you know a great song/artist I should check out!