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Vegas Vacation

This is a few weeks late now, but Vegas was a lot of fun! It was great to see Mom, Dad, and Jeffrey, and we all had fun perusing the casinos, walking around town, and on our adventure through the Arizona desert. Mom and I were the big casino winners, walking out with about $12 more (combined) than what we came in with. Mom played nickel slots, I played Black Jack.

Friday morning Mom, Jeffrey, and I joined Dad at his Construct 2008 conference. Jeffrey had a good time talking to some of the vendors; Mom and I had fun collecting all the free stuff! Friday night we saw the musical Jersey Boys. The show tells the story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The music was great and the story was interesting; I’d recommend the show to anyone looking for a good show to see. I’ve been listening to “Sheerrrrrr-rrrry” on my iPod all week long!

Saturday morning we got up early to take a bus tour to Hoover Dam and the west rim of the Grand Canyon, in northwest Arizona. Jeffrey and I took a helicopter to the bottom of the Canyon and rode down the Colorado River on a pontoon boat. The trip was fun, but on the way back to Vegas, the bus got a flat tire and we spent two hours sitting out in the dry heat of the Arizona desert. (It was hot, but I have to admit that after months of the gray, cool weather of Seattle, it was a nice change).

The driver finally found someone to help change the tire, and we made it back to Vegas not too much later than originally planned. When we got back to the city I met up with a few of my former students who were also in Vegas for the weekend. All in all, it was a pretty great trip.