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*March is here… and halfway over!

Wow, the past few weeks have flown by.

Good news!  I’ve been back in my apartment for two weeks now.  Everything (except the overhead light that won’t turn on) is as good as before, or even better: I’ve got new carpet, a new ceiling, one new wall, and a fresh coat of paint.  Last night I had some friends over for a housewarming party (after being out of my apartment for nine weeks after the pipes froze, I figured a proper ‘warming’ was definitely needed)!

I’ve been teaching Level 4 for five weeks now, which means I’m halfway through the Level 4 curriculum.  I really loved teaching Level 3, so I was a little surprised to find that I think I like Level 4 even more!  Level 4 students generally have better speaking skills and a larger vocabulary, so you can discuss more interesting topics.  I have a great class right now, with students from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Libya, and Taiwan.  (My students from Turkey and Kuwait are on vacation, but will be back soon).

Winter Quarter this year has turned out to be one of the most time-consuming quarters of grad school thus far, but luckily it will be over after class on Monday night.  Next quarter I’ll be taking Phase II of my Practicum, which means I’ll be doing a combination of observing and teaching.  I’ll only be taking one other class, Professional Issues and Ethics, which I’ve heard is interesting, but not too time-consuming.

Spring break starts after class on Monday; I don’t have any exciting trips planned, but Kary, one of my roommates from college, is coming into town on Thursday… I’m really excited to see her and to play tour guide in Seattle!

Okay, I better get back to work on my final project for sociolinguistics… stay tuned for more posts soon!