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*Another move.

Thursday was my two-year anniversary of living here in Seattle.  I ‘celebrated’ on Friday by moving out of my studio and into a new apartment in Ballard.

Why move?

Jessica, a friend from South Carolina, just moved out here (yesterday) to go to grad school, and having a roommate again sounded like a lot of fun.  (I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of living by myself, but if you know me, I can only handle so much peace and quiet)!

We got a great deal on a newly-renovated apartment and spent yesterday afternoon moving in.  Thanks to my amazing friends, we were able to move everything out of my studio in just one trip (without even renting a U-Haul)!

I’m excited about the change and looking forward to living in Ballard, but after living in 4 apartments in the last 12 months, I hope that I won’t be changing apartments again soon!


*Mmmm, I cooked dinner.

Fresh halibut, sauteed zucchini, and raspberries… not bad for less than $7 and only 12 minutes to prepare from start to finish!

*My own lists.

Well, after seeing Seattle on so many lists, I was reminded of a couple of my own lists that I made a few years ago while I was studying abroad in Italy.  I was 21 at the time and made two lists of things I hoped to have done by age 25.  I have about 10 months left to finish this list, so I guess now is a great time to review them.

The first list, dated “Martedi, 30 Maggio 2006 alle sei di sera” (Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 at 6 in the evening):

  1. Visit 25 different countries.
  2. Speak 3 languages: English, Italian, and Slovak.
  3. Complete an Ironman Triathlon
  4. Publish a book/or be published in a magazine.
  5. Read the entire Bible
  6. Get a Master’s degree or live in a foreign country for at least 1 year.

The second list, written only a couple of weeks later (14 Giugno 2006, Mercoledi, alle 17:45 while on a train somewhere between Bologna and Ancona, Italy, headed towards an over-night ferry to Split, Croatia) was entitled 25 x 25 and was supposed to be 25 things to do before turning 25.  (I only ended up with 12, many echoing things in the first list):

  1. Read the entire Bible
  2. Publish something
  3. Olympic distance triathlon
  4. 1/2 Ironman
  5. Ironman triathlon
  6. Visit 25 countries
  7. Get MA or live in a foreign country for at least a year
  8. Speak 3 languages
  9. Graduate from college
  10. Go whitewater kayaking
  11. Visit the Rockies
  12. Visit a developing country

So, now, three years later, how have I done?


My  first thought, glancing at these lists for the first time in three years is, wow, those are some ambitious goals.  Also, it’s interesting to see how dreams and goals change over time; if I made a list right now of things I hope to do before I turned 25, it would be a little different.  However, it’s also interesting to see that I’ve already reached some of those goals.

Since everything on the first list is repeated in the second, I’ll just look at that one:

  1. Read the entire Bible: I spent over two years working on the entire Bible, had read about 80% of it, and then lost my checklist where I was keeping track of what I had and hadn’t read sometime this year in the pipe freezing/apartment moving fiasco.  Since then, I’ve started over completely.  I still hope to finish it by next May!
  2. Publish something: ✓ Even though three-sixty-five was self-published, I think that counts for this one!
  3. Olympic distance triathlon: I had forgotten about this goal, but I’m actually contemplating doing a sprint thriathlon at the end of this month.  I think completing an Olympic distance before May is possible…
  4. 1/2 Ironman: Probably not gonna happen...
  5. Ironman triathlon: Definitely not gonna happen… and that is okay with me!
  6. Visit 25 countries: If you consider Vatican City a country (and officially, it is), then I’ve been to 24!  I’ve got 10 months to travel to one more country… any suggestions?  (And any monetary donations you want to contribute?  … Just kidding)!
  7. Get MA or live in a foreign country for at least a year:  ✓ Finished my MA about three weeks ago!
  8. Speak 3 languages: Hmm, I should have defined “speak.”  I can speak bits and pieces of lots of languages now, thanks to my students.  As for speaking three languages well, I still need to work on that.
  9. Graduate from college: ✓ Enough said.
  10. Go whitewater kayaking: Haven’t done this, probably won’t.  I’d still like to some day, and Washington would be a great place to go, but right now I have a lot of other things I’d rather do…
  11. Visit the Rockies: ✓ Drove through them on the way from NC to WA.
  12. Visit a developing country: Haven’t done this yet… maybe this could go along with #6?

After looking at those lists, I’m somewhat tempted to make a new, up-to-date list.  If I do, I’ll be sure to post it here.  Also, if any of you reading this has a similar list, or wants to make a list of things you hope to do before some point in time, post it as a comment… I’d love to read them!

*Top of the list.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen Seattle at the top of several different lists.  It really is a wonderful city, so I thought I’d share these with you:

#1: Smarter City’s List of the 15 Most Sustainable U.S. Cities (No. 1)


So the bus system isn’t the most efficient city transport I’ve ever experienced, but Seattle did get a lot of points for the brand new light rail.  Now, if only the city could find a way to re-route the trolley so that people could justify riding it…


#2: Marie Claire’s List of the Top 20 Cities for Single Gals (No. 1)

Seattle also ranked as the #1 US city for single ladies to find a great single guy…  (Hmm… good to know).  You might think you’d find those guys at Microsoft, Amazon, or Boeing, but the truth is, they’re actually all at Blue Sky (and no, they don’t have hair):



#3: MSN’s City Guide’s Top 10 U.S. Used Bookstores (Unordered)

This list doesn’t rank cities specifically, but Seattle’s Third Place Books (which just happens to be home to my favorite pub), did make the unordered list as one of two used bookstores representing the cities of the Northwest.  Not surprisingly, the Seattle Public Library also made MSN’s list of 10 Coolest Libraries in the US.  (With lime-green escalators and a multi-lingual floor, how could it not)?


*Thanks flickr user Henry Roxas (couch) for the image.


#4: World Hum’s Best Cities to Drink Coffee (Unordered)


“With its oft-gray and drizzling ceiling beckoning residents indoors for shelter, Seattle is America’s undisputed birthplace of coffee culture.”

No surprise here.  World Hum listed seven cities around the globe; Seattle was the only US city listed.  Perhaps more surprising, at least to me, is that I’ve traveled to (and drank plenty of coffee in) the first three of the other six cities listed: Vienna, Amsterdam, and Rome.  Perhaps this means trips to Melbourne, Aus., Wellington, N.Z., and Buenos Aires are needed?

*Picture from article.