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*Fall in Hipstamatic Photo Slideshow

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*Boat in Fisherman’s Terminal

I like this picture because I took it from inside a moving bus going across the Ballard Bridge, above Fisherman’s Terminal.  I didn’t expect the picture to come out at all, but it’s not too bad.  The view of all the boats from the bridge is one of my favorites in Seattle.

*Remember this?

So funny! I got an email from tonight informing me that 365 (not to mention my viscom portfolio) are now for sale on

three-sixty-five :: a photographic chronology




When they put the book on Amazon, however, they included a HUGE $40 mark-up, making the book cost $90.22!  I don’t know who they think would ever pay that for the book, but it’s still kind of crazy that you can buy it on Amazon!

Berries by the Ship Canal.


Just a Few Pictures…






My first attempt at using Dreamweaver to design a website is up and running! (Well, the video on the ‘multimedia’ page may or may not be working when you’re reading this). Anyway, check it out at or by clicking the “My Portfolio” link in the sidebar to the right!