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*Blogging, blogging!

Ah, so it seems like everyone is blogging these days… except me!

Several of my friends update their blogs much more often than I do.  Here are some of my favorites:

That being said, New Year’s Resolution #1: Blog more frequently.  Hopefully I’ll update more regularly, at least for a while!

“Blog” is a Very Funny Word.

I have to agree with my friend Neal that the word ‘blog’ sounds pretty nerdy.

It’s true, it does, and maybe we’re nerds for having blogs. However, I enjoy writing in my blog and reading about my friends in theirs, so blogs will remain.

Neal is in NYC for the summer working with the Gallery church. You can read about his summer here.

Neal and I have a friend named Chris who is also out of SC for the summer. Chris is in Africa taking a course in photography and learning about life on another continent. You can follow his adventures here.