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I’ve been slow to blog about this, but I had a great trip to Boston for the TESOL conference.  Liana, one of my friends and former classmate at SPU, and I traveled together and stayed with Karen, a friend from college who’s now in grad school at Emerson in Boston.

The conference itself was really good.  I enjoyed attending sessions to learn about successful teaching techniques and to get ideas, browsing the exhibit hall and looking through all the textbooks (yes, I’m a nerd), and catching up with former classmates and professors.

I attended sessions such as:

  • Using Podcasts to Integrate Speaking, Listening, and Pronunciation Skills
  • Real Grammar: Teaching Students How We Really Write and Speak
  • Tales from the Other Side of the Desk
  • Language Through Peace, Peace Through Language
  • Re-Imagining the Use of Authentic Readings
  • Connecting IEP Students to the University Through a Practicum Project
  • Boost Academic Vocabulary to Boost Results
  • Implementing Multiple Intelligences Theory
  • Re-Imagining Vygotsky, Dewey, and Freire for English Language Learning

If any of those actually sound interesting to you, you probably are an ESOL teacher, or ought to consider it 😉 .  During the conference I also saw two of my former professors present and was able to go out for lunch or happy hour with several former classmates to catch up.

Liana and I even attended a cocktail party put on by one of the textbook companies (Pearson Longman) at a house on Beacon St.

After the conference we stayed in Boston for a few more days to tour the city and hang out with Karen.  We visited Harvard, did a city tour on the Ducks, walked the Freedom Trail and saw the Old North Church of Paul Revere fame, ate Italian food at Il Villagio and had cannoli from Mike’s in the North End, saw Fenway Park, and went to the Museum of Fine Arts.

Having wanted to visit Boston for a long time now, I loved finally being able to explore the city. It was a really cool place; a little more alive and a little more “city” than Seattle, in my opinion. I loved all the old brick buildings, the Common, and that the public transport there works pretty efficiently. Also, I met a lot of interesting people (mainly friends of Karen’s) who are in grad school at some of the many universities in Boston.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip… Thanks to Karen for letting us stay at your place, and thanks to Seattle Community Colleges for helping pay for the trip!