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*Coldplay v. Hot Chelle Rae

This afternoon it occurred to me that I have no idea what’s on the radio in the US right now, and that I was likely a bit out of the loop on the US music scene.  I decided to check out Rick Dees and the Weekly Top 40’s website to see who was on the list.

After scanning the list for just a few seconds, I came to two conclusions:

  1. Five months outside of your own country is longer than I realized, and
  2. I might be a bit lost when I come home next month.  (I mean, “Why are there so many cars, what happened to the sidewalks, why does “hey” mean “hello” and not “yeah”, and who are Jesse J and Andy Grammer (and does Andy know his last name is spelled wrong”)?

I did not recognize a single song on the list until I came to number 29 (thank you Good Life by One Republic for being popular in Europe too), altogether I only knew 3 of the 40 songs, and there were 16 artists on the list who’s names I’d never seen nor heard before in my life.  (But seriously, not to judge a band by it’s name, with names like  “Cobra Starship,” “Bad Meets Evil,” “LMFAO”, and “Hot Chelle Rae,” I can’t be missing much).

It seems like these days my music tastes are a bit more UK-inspired… I’ve actually been listening to Coldplay (usually don’t), Mumford & Sons have still got it, and I’m really looking forward to Snow Patrol’s new album coming out on the 14th!

So, for a taste of Coldplay > Hot Chelle Rae (no offense), check out the video for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall:

(And if you really don’t believe me, YouTube “Tonight Tonight” … You’ll see.  Actually, on the other hand… Don’t; just take my word for it).

*PS: Thank you YouTube and Coldplay for the video/screenshot picture.

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