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Berries by the Ship Canal.


Brett Dennen & John Butler Trio.


My friend Meagan from South Carolina got here Friday night. Saturday morning we went to Tully’s for bagels and coffee. As we were leaving, Meagan noticed a poster advertising a Brett Dennen/John Butler Trio. Meagan studied abroad in Australia during undergrad and apparently John Butler Trio is HUGE there. (According to Megs, JBT : Australia :: DMB : USA, or at least what Dave was five or ten years ago).

After further inspection of the poster we realized we had missed the actual concert, which had been the night before. However, there was a private concert that afternoon for Earth Corp volunteers who came out to plant a tree. Planting a tree in exchange for a free concert sounded like a fair deal to us, so we set off in search of the park. We didn’t have computers with us and I don’t have Internet at my apartment yet, so we stopped by the library to google the park and get directions. The library was closed so we drove to Barnes & Noble long enough to write down directions from a map.

Finally, what turned out to be hours after the tree planting had ended, we arrived at the park just in time to catch the last few Brett Dennen songs. We felt just a little out of place as we noticed everyone else was wearing dirty jeans and hoodies; Meagan was wearing a cute pair of flats and I had on a pink Banana Republic sweater. Obviously, we were there to plant trees.

Luckily, no one seemed to mind, and soon John Butler started playing. The show was great; it was really fun to be at a “private” concert in the park, standing just feet away from Australia’s music icon. The music was also great and I am now a big fan of JBT myself. At the end of the show he thanked everyone from coming and asked anyone who had “just showed up for the music” to grab some of the brochures about Green Seattle. We took a few pamphlets with us, and Meagan even won a box of Clif bars in the after-show raffle. As we were headed back to the apartment we passed a homeless man asking for money. We gave him the box of Clif bars, so even though we didn’t plant a tree, I guess we did our good deed for the day after all!

A Picture for My Dad:


Wall Drug Store, 1,053 miles. Surprisingly, I know exactly how to get there.

Pig Paparazzi.


You don’t see that everyday. I was sitting at a stoplight about to cross the Fremont Bridge when all of a sudden I was passed by a giant rusty pig on the back of a truck bed. I felt like the paparazzi as I tried to take a picture while crossing the bridge. I felt even more like the paparazzi as I proceeded to follow the truck every turn it made; apparently we were going the same place. Finally the truck got away and I parked my car and walked to SLA to drop off a couple of thank you cards. As I was walking back to my car, I looked up and saw the pig parked by this brick building. I couldn’t resist taking one more picture, even if the truck driver by that point had to think I was completely crazy!


No week like finals week to make you ask yourself why, when you could be finished with school, did you voluntarily sign yourself up for two more years of it! Luckily, all of my exams and final papers are due by Friday afternoon and I’ll be happy to be a student again after Christmas break! For now, however, I find myself right back where I was this time last May; sitting in the library with an energy drink in hand. Except this time the library is a couple hours away from the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic, all but one floor are above ground instead of all but one floor being below ground, and my energy drink is proudly boasting that not only is it organic, it contains natural caffeine and was made with certified Fair Trade green tea. (Haha, welcome to the West Coast). In addition to the library being above ground (and therefore having windows and cell phone service), SPU’s library also has a special room “For Faculty and Graduate Students ONLY.” This may be one of the only times in my life that I have access to a private study room reserved for Academics; I’m taking full advantage of it while I can!

On that note, it’s time to get motivated to write my paper about motivation… back to work!

Early Snow.

The first day of December came complete with snow!