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*2010 so far.

Compared to the first two weeks of 2009, 2010 has been pretty uneventful so far.

Last year at this time I had spent: 1 night on an air mattress on the floor of Meagan’s dorm room in NYC, 1 night on Jessica’s couch (well, technically, my couch in Jessica’s living room), a week on an air mattress with a hidden hole at Erika’s (waking up each morning feeling quite like a hot dog, flat on the floor with the air-filled sides of the mattress coming up on either side of me), and finally, a few days at Nelson’s house.  I had run out of gas in my car on the way to work and had my wallet stolen while riding the bus- on the same day!

This year has been much less hectic so far.  After New Year’s, I had another week and a half of vacation left before the new quarter started.  I spent my time getting acquainted with my new textbooks, running at the gym, and showing a few guests around Seattle.  (Sean, my best friend Caitlin’s younger brother and four of his college friends took a road trip across the country, ending in Seattle, crashing at our place for a night.  Two days later, a friend of Jessica’s from high school visited for about five days).  While Jessica’s friend was in town, we made a day trip up to Vancouver, BC for a day.  We wandered around the city, ate lunch at Scoozi’s- a Mediterranean place that Chasity and I went to months ago, played a game of NC v. TN Spades (NC won!) at a coffeehouse, watched part of a hockey game in a local pub, and ate some great Korean food (bulgogi and dol sot bibimbob, mmmm).

The quarter started this past Monday.  I’m teaching the same two classes as last quarter, which makes life easier for me, even though I did decide to use completely different books this time around.  My Reading/Vocabulary class is bigger than last quarter’s and my Listening/Speaking class is much smaller, which makes for different dynamics, but so far things seem off to a good start.

Although I miss seeing my co-workers at Kaplan, I feel noticeably less stressed than I felt during fall quarter, and I’m glad to have decided to work less hours there.  I’ll be subbing there in a couple of weeks and I’m going to a concert with one co-worker tonight and running a 5K with another in February, so it seems like I will be able to keep in touch with the folks there.

I’ve been thinking about starting a new hobby just to do something with my new-found free time and to get to know more people in Seattle.  Ideas and suggestions so far have included:

  • Joining an improv group (which could have benefits to teaching, as I often feel like half of my job is acting, miming, and stand-up comedy- in an attempt to communicate effectively and keep my students interested and involved)
  • Hip-hop dancing (humorous, I know, but 12 years after dropping out of dance classes, I’ve decided I actually enjoy it)
  • Playing on some sort of intramural team (maybe volleyball?)
  • Taking a language class (Russian? Chinese? Korean? Italian?)
  • Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity again (Already planning on going to an orientation session next week… anyone wanna join?)
  • ???

Suggestions?  Leave a comment, please!


*A few words about December.

I had a very relaxing December this year.  The quarter ended at NSCC on December 3rd, and the 4th was my last day as a full teacher at Kaplan.  (Now I’m just a substitute).  I spent my time catching up on sleep from the chaos of fall quarter, reading, and cooking (believe it or not).  I went to NC on the 17th and spent a great week there visiting family and friends.

After Christmas I spent a few days with my brother in Atlanta, stopping in SC for lunch with some of my best friends.  Congratulations to Chasity and Nic on their engagement; Michelle and I will be Co-Maids of Honor, along with our friend Janelle!

I came back to Seattle in time for New Year’s and celebrated at Mark and Heather’s.  We rang in the New Year with a champagne toast on their balcony while watching the fireworks over the Space Needle, and then had an impromptu dance party until almost 2 in the morning!  The party continued for a few of us with a sleepover at Christina and Jess’s after that.

A month without work and full of celebrating with family and friends on both coasts?  It doesn’t get much better than that!

*Blogging, blogging!

Ah, so it seems like everyone is blogging these days… except me!

Several of my friends update their blogs much more often than I do.  Here are some of my favorites:

That being said, New Year’s Resolution #1: Blog more frequently.  Hopefully I’ll update more regularly, at least for a while!