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*Top 10 Lowest Paying College Majors

You can read the entire article here, but I just wanted to point out that our nation constantly complains that children aren’t performing well in school, spends dollars upon dollars on developing new programs (and acronyms) to improve our education system, yet Elementary Education is the number two lowest paying college major!  (Only social workers make less).  Incredible.



Eeeeeeeewwwwww!  Look who I found in my blackberries this morning!

*Remember this?

So funny! I got an email from tonight informing me that 365 (not to mention my viscom portfolio) are now for sale on

three-sixty-five :: a photographic chronology




When they put the book on Amazon, however, they included a HUGE $40 mark-up, making the book cost $90.22!  I don’t know who they think would ever pay that for the book, but it’s still kind of crazy that you can buy it on Amazon!

Pig Paparazzi.


You don’t see that everyday. I was sitting at a stoplight about to cross the Fremont Bridge when all of a sudden I was passed by a giant rusty pig on the back of a truck bed. I felt like the paparazzi as I tried to take a picture while crossing the bridge. I felt even more like the paparazzi as I proceeded to follow the truck every turn it made; apparently we were going the same place. Finally the truck got away and I parked my car and walked to SLA to drop off a couple of thank you cards. As I was walking back to my car, I looked up and saw the pig parked by this brick building. I couldn’t resist taking one more picture, even if the truck driver by that point had to think I was completely crazy!

Only in Seattle…

Only in Seattle would you see a middle-aged lady walking down the street with a jack russell terrier dressed in a bright yellow raincoat, complete with rain hat.  No, it wasn’t the lady wearing the raincoat and hat, it was the dog.

Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me, you can imagine that he looked something like this: