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And I’ve Disappeared Again…

The months from June-August used to be referred to as “summer break,” but I feel like that term is completely irrelevant this summer. This summer has been fun so far, but it certainly hasn’t been a break!

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy as I’ve been teaching an extra class, tutoring my private German student who just came back from vacation, trying to keep up with my own summer class, and preparing to head back to Slovakia for another year of English camp.

I have, however, had a few chances to enjoy the best part of summer in Seattle: getting outside and enjoying the sun! It is true that it is gray and rainy here for a large part of the year. It all seems worth it though when you talk to someone at home who has been sweating in the 3-digit-heat for months, while you’re still enjoying day after day of mid-to-upper 70’s and sunny!

So far I’ve been hiking and canoing, and have spent time at my new favorite ‘city beach,’ Golden Gardens. I’ve also made it to several Mariners games, which are always a lot of fun. (And, after a period of consistent losses, the Mariners fired their manager, hired a new one, and have started winning again)! This weekend I’m studying, but next weekend I’m ‘chaperoning’ a camping/white water rafting trip with school, which should be a lot of fun!

So, sorry I’ve disappeared from this blog again; when life gets busy, this is the first thing to go! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures on here before I go to Slovakia on the 25th; if not, stay tuned for updates when I get back!