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*Old School Frozen Custard

This sounds sooo good (I frozen custard!):

From Daily Candy Seattle,

Old School

“Stop, collaborate, and listen: Ice is back with a cold, smooth tradition.

These licks’ll grab hold of you tightly. Have you running up to Capitol Hill daily and nightly.

Old School Frozen Custard is claiming a corner on the expanding sweet consumption taking hold of Pike and Pine.

Ice cream’s softer, silkier cousin, custard is made with eggs and served at a slightly warmer temperature.

The store’s white wainscoting and exposed beams — along with chairs, tables, and blackboards reclaimed from local classrooms — create an appropriately vintage setting in which to indulge in classic flavors like chocolate or, on alternating days, mint, lemon, and strawberry.

The vanilla’s nice, nice baby.”

Anyone in Seattle up for it?

*Image from website.

*English pronunciation might not be as easy as you think…