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Spring Break with Jeffrey & Chas.

Jeffrey in front of the Space Needle.

Me & Chasity at Westlake Center downtown.

About to ride the monorail downtown.

Me & Jeffrey downtown.

Teaching Jeffrey how to play Settler’s at our favorite neighborhood pub, 3rd Place.

Me & Chas with my roomie Heather.

Amazon Kindle.

I love paper books, but after watching this video, I am at least intrigued.

PS: I just wanted to point out to you all that that airport is Sea-Tac Airport and the coffeehouse part of the video is filmed in is definitely a Tully’s.

A Short Note.

I’ve been teaching for about a month now and I’m really enjoying it. However, being both a student and a teacher is a lot of work. Between lesson planning, grading students’ assignments, and working on my own assignments things have been pretty busy lately. Luckily, my quarter at SPU ends on Thursday so I’ll have a 12-day break from being a student. Next quarter I’ll only be taking two classes; hopefully this will make life a little more sane!

Here are a few pictures of a variety things that I have been meaning to post and haven’t gotten around to yet:

1: I talked to Granddad last week and he mentioned how amazed he was at how clean my cousin Margaret’s apartment was compared to all the other apartments/dormrooms of the rest of his grandchildren. I took this picture so you can all see that I actually DO keep my room clean (haha, or at least I try to)!


2: I really love Craig’s List. For a grand total of $55 I have gotten a bed frame, box spring, mattress, 5-foot wide desk, and a full-sized couch. The couch is the latest addition to our apartment; we hadn’t had one until this past weekend when Bethany found a free couch for the first person who came and picked it up. Luckily, my car was just the right size:


Not bad for free, huh?


3: There is ongoing enrollment at the school where I teach, and students can enroll for as little as two weeks or for as many weeks as they like. For this reason, students are always coming and going and the class roster can change very quickly. (My class has changed from 9 students, to 10, to 14, and now on Monday will be back down to 12). Today was the first day I had a student who was leaving my class to return to their home country (instead of moving up to a higher level). Today was also the “Name Day” for my Slovak student. (In Slovakia, every day of the year has a girl’s name and a boy’s name assigned to it. It’s customary for a person’s friends and family to give small gifts to someone on their Name Day. The name day for “Melania” (the Slovak version of my name) is June 26th, in case you were wondering).

To “celebrate” these two students, I brought a box of Mighty O Donuts (local Seattle donut shop) to class for everyone:


When I came back in to the class room after break, one of my students had drawn this on the board:


I thought it was pretty cute!