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Adventures in Ohio

The last time I posted it was November of last year and I was writing from Žilina, Slovakia.

At that time, I had no idea where I was going to be come January 2012, but Dayton, Ohio was certainly the last place I expected to go.  (My thoughts were more along the lines of NYC, Boston, or DC … Especially DC).

Now, I’ve been in Dayton for seven months, and am getting ready to leave.  (Guess where I’m going)!

And I haven’t written a single post about Ohio… until now.

It’s been a difficult seven months – Dayton’s been a much harder place to get used to and to connect in than I ever expected it would be.  However, like most things in life, downs have ups, dark clouds have silver linings, and it’s the rain that makes rainbows possible.  (Does anyone have a better metaphor for that last one? It’s a bit too cheesy for my tastes O:) ).

I’m incredibly thankful to have had such a wonderful group of colleagues to work with here, a fantastic roommate (and a sweet dog and five pet chickens), and people who have been happy to share their friends with me.


I’m looking forward to moving on to a place I think I’ll be able to stay in for a while.  DC will be my fifth “state” in the past ten years (what?? and that doesn’t even include being in Slovakia!), and I’m looking forward to being much closer to home, family, and friends.

Believe it or not though, I will miss Dayton, Ohio (at least a little), and am certain I’ve made (at least a few) lifelong friends here, and that I am thankful for.

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