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*profile |ˌproʊˈfaɪl| : Jessica Portwood

Name: Jessica Paige Portwood
Occupation: Full-time Student
Current City: Seattle
Connection: Roommate

1) I heard that you’re flying South tomorrow.  What 3 items must be in your carry-on for a cross-country flight:

  • A good book (Crime & Punishment)
  • My knitting/crocheting supplies
  • My iPod

2) Speaking of your iPod, put it on ‘shuffle’ mode. What are the first three songs that play?  Any special meaning?

  • Hootie & The Blowfish: Goodbye girl.  “I don’t even know what that song sounds like.”
  • Ray LaMontagne: Carry me.  “Eh, kind of reminds me of my ex-boyfriend…”
  • Ben Harper: Roses from my friends.  “I’d say that was one of the first songs that ushered me in to loving good music.”

3) What’s your favorite kitchen utensil?

  • A ladle because I like the way they’re shaped and they scoop things.

4) Holiday Plans?

  • I’ll be in Knoxville, TN with my family and spend New Year’s in South Carolina.  I’m having a Y2K 10-Year Anniversary party.  We’re going to create a myth to hype everybody that the world is about to end.  Everyone has to bring non-perishable items, which we’re going to donate to a food bank.

5) Tell us a joke.

JP: Knock, knock.
MB: Who’s there?
JP: Dwayne.
MB: Dwayne who?
JP: Dwayne the tub, I’m dwowning!