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My bags are packed!  I’ve still got a long day of traveling ahead of me tomorrow (drive to Raleigh, fly to New York, 6 hour layover, fly to Zurich, fly to Vienna, drive to Slovakia… good thing I like traveling), but Slovakia is finally getting close!

Before I leave, I want to share a little information about where I’m going and what I’ll be doing over the next week or two.

Geographically, Slovakia is located in central Europe, south of Poland, north of Hungary, east of Austria and the Czech Republic and west of Ukraine.

I’ll fly into Vienna on Wednesday, where I’ll meet up with the other interns and team members.  Our first destination is Žilina, a beautiful city in north-western Slovakia.  I’ve been to Žilina many times before, and I’m really looking forward to being back there.

After Žilina, we’ll spend some time visiting the cities and youth groups that we’re working with to hold KECYs (conversational English camps for high school students), and we’ll head to Czech Republic for training and team building with the teams from other countries that Josiah Venture works with.  (To learn more about Josiah Venture, check out their website here:  I’m looking forward to meeting the other interns and reconnecting with old friends.

Check back later this week for more!

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