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If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll notice a totally new design and title.  (Or lack of title, really).  If you keep following, you’ll probably see more design changes and hopefully a title at some point.  I had all kinds of things I wanted to blog about, but I wanted to get the design and title down first.  I still haven’t had any grand ideas, so I’m just going to continue blogging without.  If YOU have a great idea for a title, PLEASE do share.

The title of this post, *Changes, refers to more than just the blog though.

In the last week, I have officially left Seattle.  I’ve been home in North Carolina since Saturday night, and I’m leaving for a South Carolina, Georgia, other-side-of-North-Carolina road trip tomorrow morning.  Check back later for stories and pictures.

When I get back from my road trip, I’ll have less than a week before I leave for Slovakia (wow)!

Between now and then, I hope to do a few blog posts about Slovakia, but also about the end of my time in Seattle and things I’ll miss about that lovely-yet-rainy city.

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