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*Another move.

Thursday was my two-year anniversary of living here in Seattle.  I ‘celebrated’ on Friday by moving out of my studio and into a new apartment in Ballard.

Why move?

Jessica, a friend from South Carolina, just moved out here (yesterday) to go to grad school, and having a roommate again sounded like a lot of fun.  (I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of living by myself, but if you know me, I can only handle so much peace and quiet)!

We got a great deal on a newly-renovated apartment and spent yesterday afternoon moving in.  Thanks to my amazing friends, we were able to move everything out of my studio in just one trip (without even renting a U-Haul)!

I’m excited about the change and looking forward to living in Ballard, but after living in 4 apartments in the last 12 months, I hope that I won’t be changing apartments again soon!

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  1. Ginger Baker #

    It is time for an update and some special pictures.

    September 21, 2009

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