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*Plinky Prompt 1: “What do you have to have with you when you travel?”

I can’t fly without it! Good music can get you through a lot of hours on/in a train, plane, or automobile.

Sudoku book
See above, replace [good music] with [sodoku].

Digital Camera
The world is full of beautiful and interesting thing; capturing them on a camera gives you a) inexpensive souvenirs, b) another way of looking at and experiencing the things around you, c) an easy way to share your trip with others.

Burt’s Bees (preferably pomegranate) lip balm
If I leave home without it, I’ll have to buy another at the first store I can find it in!

1) To record experiences and write about what you see.
2) There’s no better time to reflect on life than when you’re traveling somewhere new!
3) To get names/emails of the people you meet while traveling. I’ve made friends/contacts with people from Australia, Wales, England, and Scotland while traveling- it’s fun to keep up with them on facebook after sharing a train compartment or hanging out in a foreign city together!

*I’d love to hear your answer to this too!  To share, click on comment and type your response.  Additionally, to make things more interesting, share where you are/where you’re from, if you don’t mind!

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  1. 1. My blow dryer! I know, totally and completely lame. But come on, a girl has to style her hair!

    2. An extra pair of flip-flops. You never know when a dog is going to come out of nowhere and steal one (true story).

    May 17, 2009
  2. KARAM #

    1- my iPhone, I don’t know how can I live without it LoL.

    2- my digital camera, I like taking pictures in any places I go.

    3- my backpack , I love my Oakley backpack. even if it’s empty .

    4- my notebook , to be connected with friends sending & receiving e-mails listen to music.

    5- books (I will have books with me in my next trips).

    if I’ve got all these stuff I wouldn’t miss anything.

    July 16, 2009

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