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*International Students, 2008.

Well, as of today I am officially through teaching until 2009.  The other day I started thinking about how many students I had had from so many different countries, and I ended up making a list of them all.  It turns out that, when you count students at school and private Microsoft students,  I’ve taught students from 22 different countries!  This map shows where they’re from; the countries are listed below:

students countries

-Argentina (1)
-France (1)
-Hong Kong (1)
-India (1)
-Kazakhstan (1)
-Kuwait (1)
-Poland (1)
-Saudi Arabia (1)
-Slovakia (1)
-Spain (1)
-Czech (2)
-Germany (2)
-Brazil (2 or 3)
-Colombia (2 or 3)
-Russia (3)
-Turkey (3)
-Italy (4)
-Thailand (4)
-Japan (++)
-Libya (++)
-South Korea (++)
-Taiwan (++)

*The symbol ++ means, ‘too many to count!’

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