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*Summer Recap & Wrap-up.

Well, it seems that summer has officially gone and fall is here.

In the Carolinas, fall weather doesn’t begin until weeks (really, months) after school has begun.  Here in the Northwest, the opposite is true.  About a week ago the weather turned cool, gray, and a bit gloomy again.  I was afraid the rainy season had started already, but then the clouds lifted and the sun appeared.  The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous, with temperatures in the 70s and not a cloud in sight.

Summer in Seattle was really nice.  Even though I stayed busy teaching, tutoring, and taking one summer course, I managed to have a pretty great summer.  I visited Mom, Dad, and Jeffrey in Vegas in June, went camping, canoeing, whitewater rafting, and hiking in July, and returned to Slovakia for my fifth year of KECY English camps at the end of July and early August.

September went by quickly; I spent my last month of summer break doing the usual teaching and tutoring, as well as enjoying having a little extra free time before classes began again.  A couple of weeks ago I flew down to South Carolina to visit family and friends (thanks again, Chas)!  I had a great time seeing everyone, visiting old hangouts, and cheering on the Gamecocks to… another typical SC loss to the Bulldogs.  (Nevertheless, it was great to be back in the student section at a football game again).

This past weekend was my ‘last weekend of freedom’ before school starts.  Friday night I had my students over for a class dinner party; it was fun to spend time with them outside of the classroom.  On Saturday my roommate Heather ended up with last-minute tickets to the Mariner’s next-to-last home game.  The weather was perfect, our seats were great (she got the tickets from a co-worker and they were much better seats than the $8 tickets in the center field bleachers we normally get), and the Mariner’s won!  After the game we had a progressive dinner with the people in my small group at Blue Sky.  During the dinner three of my former Korean students who go to Blue Sky now decided to give us Korean names (since most Korean students ‘adopt’ an American nickname when they come to the US).  They gave me the name ‘SunMi,’ which means ‘kind and beautiful.’

Fall quarter at SPU started today.  I don’t have Monday classes, so I officially begin tomorrow.  I’ll be taking two courses this quarter; Testing & Curriculum Development and Comparative Religion.  I think both of these classes will be interesting and useful.  I think it’s really smart for SPU to include the comp. rel. class in the program.  In multilingual classrooms at language institutes and universities it’s not unlikely to have a Muslim, Jew, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu all in the same class!

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m sure both my coffee intake and number of hours spent hiding in a library will drastically increase soon, so hopefully I’ll start updating this blog more regularly again!

Final pictures from summer break:

Attempt to go Kayaking.

The kayaking trip that didn't happen.

The reason we couldn't kayak after all.

The reason it didn't happen.

Kristin & me at the zoo.

Kristin & me at the zoo.

Chas, Me, and Carla inside Williams-Brice.

Chas, Me, and Carla inside Williams-Brice.

Williams-Brice Stadium.

Williams-Brice Stadium.




Don't worry Mom and Dad, I promise I'm not really a hippie!

Kane & Ethan cooked Korean food for me, et. al., last weekend.

Ethan & Kane cooked Korean food for me, et. al., last weekend.

This is some of the food they made- it was fantastic!

This is some of the food they made- it was fantastic!

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