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*Pictures from Slovakia.

*Click to enlarge!

My English group at camp.

Vera, Zuzana, & Iveta.

During one meal we had to eat with our wrists tied to the people next to us!

Maja and Anka are both members of the youth group in Prešov.

Prešov from above.

While we were looking at the city from the tower, we saw two girls from camp relaxing on a roof!

The amazing Jaja and Zuzka! We stayed with Zuzka and her family before and after camp.

The church in the center of Prešov.

Visiting friends in Bratislava.

A favorite site in Bratislava.

Claire, Bethany, and me with Nathallie and Jane in Bratislava.

Rathaus, in Vienna.

A church in Vienna.

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  1. Grandmama #

    Great pictures!! How did the girls from camp get on THAT roof top?

    August 17, 2008
  2. I think they climbed out a window on to the roof, but I’m not really sure!

    September 4, 2008

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