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A Few Pictures of My Students & The Market.

The fieldtrip went well today; 13 of my 14 students showed up, and they seemed to have a good time using English outside of the classroom context. I created a short survey for them to give to a minimum of five people who were working or touring the market. As they walked around in groups talking to people, I wandered around watching from a distance. It was fun to see them chatting with the other people in the market, normally with smiles and laughs coming from both sides of the conversation.

After class ended I went bowling with many of the students. The school sponsors events on a regular basis and always needs a teacher or two to go along. This was my first time “chaperoning” an event, but I will definitely be doing it more often. Getting paid to go bowling isn’t a bad job! (Even if I had the all-time low score of 34)! Next week I will be going with some students and a few other teachers to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. What’s better than getting paid to lose a game of bowling? Getting paid to go to the Tulip Festival and getting a free salmon dinner out of the deal! Here are a few pictures from today; stay tuned for Tulip Festival pictures next week.

Inside Starbuck’s at Pike Place.
In Starbucks's at Pike Place.

Tough guys… but they’re sweeter than they like to let on 😉 .

Fresh veggies!

Posing after lunch…

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