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Chinese New Year!


Last night I went to my first ever Chinese New Year party. Hiro, one of the guys in my program at SPU, is from Taiwan and invited several people from school to a party at his friend’s house last night. I learned how to really play Mahjong (not like the computer version at all), ate traditional, homemade Chinese food, finally mastered eating with chop sticks, and learned how to write my name in Chinese. (Well, I can’t actually write it myself, but someone wrote it for me).

Mom and Dad, when you named me I bet you didn’t know how good of a name “Melanie” is in Mandarin. When you write an English name with Chinese characters, you write the characters that make up the syllables of the name. So, to write Melanie, you write the characters that are pronounced “Meh,” “lah,” and “nie.” The picture above shows my name. The top symbol, “Meh” means “beautiful,” “Lah” means “happy,” and “Nie” means “girl.” Put it together and “Meh-lah-nie” means “Beautiful, happy girl.” Pretty nice, if you ask me!



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