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A Quick Autumn Update.


I can’t believe November is already almost halfway over!  School and work are definitely keeping me busy.  The family is still searching for a new nanny, so I’m still here, but things are going well in the house and job search.  I haven’t found an apartment yet, but I have found roommates.  Two girls I go to church with have also been looking for roommates/new apartments, so now the three of us are looking for a place together.  I’m definitely glad to be looking for an apartment with people I know!

Although the apartment search continues, I have found a new job.  I’ll be working for a company that provides English tutors to Microsoft employees and their families who have just moved to Seattle from a country where English is not the primary language.  I’ll be working one-on-one to develop an appropriate, unique curriculum for each student I have.  Because developing a separate curriculum for each student can be time-intensive, I’m going to try to have just two to three students, and then maybe get a job at a cafe to have a job with coworkers again.  (I never realized how much I enjoyed having coworkers until I had a job without them)!

Wish me luck in the house search; although I’m going to miss the kids when I’m done being a nanny, I’m definitely looking forward to living closer to school and having roommates again!

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  1. stephenhebert #

    I can definitely relate to the coworkers thing. I think just being around people that can identify with what you go through at work and who can offset everything with a bit of humor – that’s good stuff.

    I think you’ll really enjoy your new job. Congrats!

    November 15, 2007

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