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Tully’s, etc.

I don’t know why anyone living in Seattle would go to Starbuck’s when they could go to Tully’s for their chain-coffee fix. Not only does Tully’s have free wireless (Starbuck’s does not), they also give you unlimited free refills on drip coffee. (I don’t know of any other coffeehouse anywhere that does that. You can imagine the look of shock on my face when I asked to go ahead and pay for a refill when I paid for my first cup with a card and the barista responded that I could drink as many cups of coffee as I wanted for the price of one. Amazing).


Okay, that’s my pro-Tully’s pitch, I’m obviously sitting in one right now for the first time. That being said, however, Michelle and Chasity flew up from South Carolina last weekend, and we visited the original Starbuck’s in Pike Place Market while they were here:


It was great to have the girls in town for a few days. We went to the Market and were invited to go back behind the counter with the guys who throw fish to have our picture taken with them, we went to the top of the Space Needle, rode the Monorail, watched the Gamecocks beat Chapel Hill (woohoo!) at a sport’s bar downtown, took a cheesy (but fun) land/water Duck tour, went to a great Italian restaurant that reminded us all of traveling together in Italy (and, according to Andrea, is one of the best Italian restaurants in Seattle), went out for Eritrean food one night, and, of course, drank a lot of coffee.

Chas and Michelle left Seattle late Saturday night. Since then I’ve been busy nannying and catching up on schoolwork. Last night I went to one of the Blue Sky small groups. Turns out that this particular group just became an all-guys group instead of co-ed like the others, and I was the only girl. Haha, whooops! (The guy leading the group had totally forgotten to tell me about the switch since I hadn’t actually come before). Anyway, the guys were super nice and recommended another group that meets at the same time that I’m planning on checking out next week, so all’s well that ends well.

Now, it’s time for a free refill of coffee and to get to work on my Arabic homework- writing backwards in another alphabet takes a lot of concentration!

PS- Pictures from Chas & Michelle’s trip are from Michelle!
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