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Visiting new churches by yourself is not a lot of fun.  People are always really nice, but, in my experience, after the standard “Hi, how are you?” the conversations often end, leaving you to sit by just another stranger.  (A nice stranger, but still a stranger).  I’m sure Jesus didn’t intend for this to be the experience that first-time visitors to a church have, but, I’ll just chalk this one up to human nature.

That being said, I visited my fourth church in Seattle this morning, and had a totally different experience.  (Thank God, literally).  I visited a church in NE Bellevue called Blue Sky Church.  I had found the church on the Internet over the summer like several of the other churches I visited, but got tired of visiting a new church each week before I had a chance to try this one.  (I visited several churches quickly when I first got here, sometimes going to more than one service a day so I could visit more).  Anyway, last night I decided I didn’t want to go to church today at the one I had been going to, so I decided to visit Blue Sky after all.


I walked into the church lobby and immediately a lady walked up to me and introduced herself.  (She wasn’t even an official greeter).  She asked me if it was my first time here, and when I said yes, she offered to introduce me to some people and show me around.  She showed me where I could get coffee and a croissant, introduced me to several of her friends and the pastor’s wife, and invited me to sit with her during the service.  She showed me where the information for weekly Bible studies were and even tried to find a couple of the leaders who had studies during times I could attend.  After the service she invited me to stay for the church’s 3rd Anniversary party.

The worship and the sermon at this church were both good; the worship and sermons at other churches I’ve visited, however, have also been good.  I’m pretty sure that next week though, I’ll be going back to Blue Sky.  It seems like a long time since I’ve been new at a church (freshman year of college); now that I know what it’s like to visit churches alone, you can believe that once I’m settled in here, I’ll always be on the lookout for new visitors who have shown up alone!

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  1. Kati #

    Hey Melanie,
    What a wonderful blog and I love your response to your experience at Blue Sky! You said you will “always be on the lookout for new visitors who have shown up alone.” You never know, you may be entertaining angels! 🙂 I am so glad you had the courage to try one more church. Have a great week! Kati

    November 5, 2007

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