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School Begins.

Well, the first “week” of classes is over.  (I only had two, one on Monday and one on Wednesday).  I’m definitely glad class has begun; it gives me something to do when I’m not being a nanny and is introducing me to people in my program and similar programs at SPU.  (My classmates are fellow MA-TESOLers, along with people studying linguistics and world language teaching.  Some of us are grad students and others are still in undergrad).  The Russian class that was supposed to begin next week was canceled due to a lack of interest, so I am signed up for Arabic instead.  I’m pretty sure this will be the most challenging language I’ve ever studied, but I think it will be good to have at least a little familiarity with the language, due to today’s current events and foreign policies/conflicts.

Here are some pictures for you:

1- This is Blue… I’m pretty sure I have never once used the bathroom or brushed my teeth without him dashing in the room before I had a chance to shut the door.  He is also apparently terrified of the vacuum cleaner, which is what he was hiding from in this picture.


2-The Space Needle.


3- Build-A-Bear has to be one of the cutest ideas ever.  I think this cat has a better cell phone than I do right now…



4- I spent a good part of today sitting in this cafe, Cafe Luce in the U-District reading for class and updating this blog.


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