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End of Summer…

The endless summer is ending!  I thoroughly enjoyed my last few days between undergrad and grad school though.  Thursday is my day off from nannying, so I caught the bus from Beaux Arts and rode the metro into downtown Seattle.  I spent most of the afternoon wandering around downtown and through Pike Place Market, taking pictures with my “new” camera.  Dad just sent me his 1987 Nikon FG, a 35mm SLR.  This was the first time I have shot with film instead of digital and I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first.  With a digital SLR you can choose your settings, shoot a picture, and then immediately readjust if you don’t like the result.  With film, however, if you don’t know what you are doing when you choose your settings you can spend a lot of time and money on really bad pictures!  The great thing about shooting with film though is that I will have to learn exactly what to do to capture the image as I want to because I won’t have the luxury of readjusting based on the immediate outcome of the shot.  Anyway, I shot a roll and a half of film; I’m going to try to finish the second roll of film and then send them off to be developed.  If the pictures came out well I will post some here as soon as I have the chance!

Thursday night I met up with my friend Steve, also new to Seattle, his friend Anthony, and two girls who were visiting Seattle (and the US) for the first time from Sweden.  We had a great time hanging out together.  Today I got up early and actually raced a 5K in Fremont, an area of Seattle that is probably my favorite area so far.  It is separated from Queen Anne, where SPU is, by what I think is a canal connecting South Lake Union with Salmon Bay.  Fremont is full of restaurants, cafes, pubs, small boutiques, galleries, and is where the language school I will be studying Russian at is located.  I’m pretty out of shape but it was fun to race again.  After the race Steve and I walked around the Fremont Market (I discovered I love blackberry balsamic vinaigrette!) and Oktoberfest, which happened to be going on this weekend.  After grabbing some Thai food (my first experience with Thai food; loved it), for a late lunch/early dinner, I drove up to Quest, the church I have been attending, for the 5:00 service.  After church I drove by campus long enough to find my classes and figure out where to park tomorrow.  I guess my five-month long summer is finally over, but I am definitely ready for classes to begin!

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