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What’s New?

Well, still pretty much everything. However, I am getting comfortable in my responsibilities as a nanny (who knew all the different ways to get a 10-week-old to fall asleep or a sweet but stubborn four-year old to make her bed)! I’m still learning my way around but I can successfully find my way to and from SPU, Target, Bella’s school, the grocery store, and the general downtown area without any problem now.

So then, what is new?

First, I’ve joined a gym. SPU doesn’t have a pool and swimming is one of my favorite ways to work out, so I decided to get a membership elsewhere. I signed up at LA Fitness earlier this week and had a free session with a personal trainer yesterday. This was the first monitored workout I’ve had since high school track- needless to say, I can barely move my legs today! Regardless, I’m really excited about the gym. I can use any of the gyms in the state of Washington, which is useful because there is one near my school and another near my house. The one near home is in downtown Bellevue and takes up 4 floors in a downtown high rise- fun!

Second, I’ve signed up to take Russian classes. My Master’s program requires all students to complete a “Language Learning Practicum.” Basically, we take a semester long class of a language we’ve never studied before and keep an ongoing journal of our learning experience, taking note of anything that could be useful to us down the road when we are the language teacher instead of the student. I thought about studying German, French, Arabic and Spanish before I decided on Russian. I wanted to take Slovak of course, but there aren’t any courses in that around here. (UW actually offers Czech courses but they conflicted with my schedule). Anyway, I had finally decided that I would study Spanish so I could communicate with our housekeepers, but then I found out I couldn’t study Spanish because it was too close to the Italian I studied in college. Russian, however, is completely different, and I’m excited about learning it. Studying a language with a different alphabet is a little intimidating, but I think this will be a good experience. My classes begin in early October, I’ll keep you updated.

Finally, last night I attended a reception for new grad students at SPU. It was an opportunity to meet faculty and other new students, hear the university’s president speak, and hear from former students. I really enjoyed meeting some people in my program and having the opportunity to ask a few questions about what I can expect from class. (Two of the girls I met started the program this summer and have already experienced some of the classes). I’m really looking forward to school beginning, although I realized last night that as soon as classes begin I’m going to be studying like crazy for at least 18 months straight! (Summer school is required)… That being said, I think I’ll go read a book of my own choosing before it’s back to assigned reading… ciao/čau!

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