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Mid-Week ‘Fave Five’ :: Cities

I traveled a lot during college and visited some pretty cool cities, which made choosing my favorite five difficult! Regardless, here they are, but in no particular order:

1- London, England. I spent a week in London with my grandparents and cousins during Christmas break of my freshman year of college. Full of history and the setting for many classic books and modern movies, London is definitely a place I would like to visit more than once. I saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and the rooftops that inspired the chimney sweep scene of Mary Poppins and had my picture taken with (a wax model of) Hugh Grant- amazing!

2- Split, Croatia. Chasity, Michelle, and I traveled to Split last summer after a last minute change of plans. We had set aside a long weekend to go to Greece from Italy, but, the day before we planned on leaving, we decided it was way too expensive. We began looking for other places to go, and found a ferry from Ancona, Italy to Split, Croatia. We thought it was funny that there was a place in Europe named Split (although it doesn’t really seem funny now?), and bought tickets. We ended up having the best time in “Sunny Split,” the vacation location for many Europeans. We spent several days getting tan on the white sand beaches and watched USA play Italy in the World Cup from a beach-side bar. Oh, and of course we had to “split a split in Split before we split Split!”

3- Copenhagen, Denmark. This was one of the cities I visited during my ten-day Northern European tour after high school graduation. Home of the longest pedestrian street in the world, Tivoli Gardens, and The Little Mermaid statue, Copenhagen had a laid-back feel that attracted street musicians, artists, and performers from all over the world.

4- New York, New York. I’ve currently visited more countries than States, but by the end of this year I’ll have picked up at least two more states, New York and Washington. I went to New York City in early January and fell in love- the city is all it’s hyped up to be, and more. I loved riding the subway, riding in taxis, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, strolling through Central Park, shopping on Broadway, browsing the Strand bookstore (18 miles of books from end to end), and eating New York bagels!

5- Vienna, Austria. After four trips through the airport in Vienna and a quick change at the train station, last summer I decided it was time to actually go to Vienna and not just through it. Only 45 minutes from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia (and another great city), Chasity and I took a day trip there last summer. I was struck by how green, clean, and pretty Vienna is. The city has an interesting blend of old and new architecture, with very modern buildings right across the street from one of its oldest churches.

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