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It’s Official.

“She said I think I’ll go to Boston…” -Augustana

After months of much prayer, discussion, and debate, I’ve finally made a final decision for life after college (which happens to begin today): Come September, I’m moving to Boston to pursue the M.A. in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College, a school dedicated to communication and the arts.

I decided that since I knew I wanted to go to grad school at some point and since I had already applied and been accepted into the program at the school I wanted to go to, it just made sense and was good timing to go ahead and go now. This means I won’t be moving abroad immediately (which would have been the case had I decided to pursue the Journeyman Program), but I don’t anticipate opportunities to live and work abroad to decrease any time soon!

Graduation is this afternoon, next week I’ll move in with Chasity, and then in mid-July I’ll travel to Slovakia for this year’s mission trip with Shandon. After the mission trip I’ll actually stay in Slovakia for a few more weeks. Carla and Chasity are going to fly over from the US and we’ll travel a little bit and then help with Camp Fest, a Christian concert festival in Slovakia. I’ll fly back to the US in mid-August, and then get ready to move to Boston!

I’ve never actually been to Boston, but the idea of moving to a new city where I don’t know a lot of people excites me. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people, finding my way around the city, and learning a lot about the book and magazine industries!

*Thanks to flickr members miguelão, Shutterscript, and Christopher Chan for the pictures of Boston.


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